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Invest Money

Invest Money

Earn money without risk!!

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How we can pay the profit?

We buy shares of various companies with our finance expert using the money of our investors, we just pay their profits. and some of our benefits.

Some people asking that, if the company crashed that you bought shear, then it’s a chance to lose my money.

This will not happen in any way, we will buy shares of those companies which have a very good reputation. The shear is not like the forex market. If any company will close down for some reason after buying the shares. Then there is no reason to be afraid. Because you will definitely get your funds back.

Any risk here?

No risk here, you can all time monitor your deposited money and earning, we are the UK regulated company, Our Business ID number 5676671, and our security license number 00238663214477889. You never lose your money from here.

How i spend my money or withdraw?

You can withdraw your profit or full balance any time within 3-5 days. or spend with our virtual prepaid debit card.

Earning Plan

The earning plans are permanent. There is no chance to change next 3 – 5 year


$100 - $1000

30% / Month

Minimum Tenure 3 Month
Maximum 12 Months

$1500 - 5000

45% / Month

Minimum Tenure 6 Month
Maximum 12 Months

$5500 - $25000

75% / Month

Minimum Tenure 12 Month
Maximum 12 Months

$26000 - $50000

90% / Month

Minimum Tenure 12 Month
Maximum 12 Months

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The answer to a general question

You can withdraw your invested money and profit after 1 month. when over 30 days (1 month) then you will see a withdrawal button on your plan purchased action. if you want to end it after 1 month then simply click on the withdraw button, after that your invested money and profits added on your main account balance.

Special Bonus

You will get 50% extra for 6 months’ tenure and 100% extra for 12 months’ tenure of your deposited balance as a Special Bonus only from $1500 Deposit.  Please contact our live agent if you have confusion.


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